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This week Charlie the Chimp has been going home with some of the Y2 children to have adventures! Thomas, Amber, Tyrese and Billy have already had Charlie home and written about what they did and drawn some pictures. Billy even made up a story about Charlie!Maddy has Charlie for the weekend so I hope Charlie has fun and is well behaved, Maddy! Miss Oxford brought in some frogspawn from her garden pond so we have a tank of it in the classroom and this week the tadpoles have been slowly emerging from their jelly eggcases!We did a maths test at the start of the week, which we all loved! In PE we are learning how to play badminton and also tried some long distance running, which Marcus and Lewis did particularly well in because of their stickability! This is a word we like which means that you don’t give up.Mia got the ****************Certificate of Achievement********** this week for working so hard on her maths, both as a Maths Monster and in lessons. Mr Weekes wondered what a maths monster might look like. Maybe somebody would like to draw one for him?