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Hot chocolate from the Kelly Kettle

This week for Forest School we made hot chocolate using a Kelly kettle. The Kelly kettle uses fire inside it to heat the water, which is poured into a large tube. We boiled up the water and drank delicious hot chocolate, sitting at base camp.Billy said ” I have learnt that fire can be useful today. I thought before that fire was only dangerous but now I realise how useful it can be.”NEWS FLASH! The stick insects eggs hatched this week! Four tiny babies came out of their eggs, which they drag around with them for  a few hours. We put them in with the grown ups and the younger stick insects. Now we have 2 adults, 2 toddlers and 4 babies! Theo took them home for the weekend……Libby was awarded this week’s Certificate of Achievement for such super progress with her maths work. Well done Libby!