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This week has been busy!With Mrs Morris this week we learnt how to colour in patterns symmetrically. Also with Mrs Morris we had a science investigation into ice and we set up experiments to find out how long it would take for the ice to melt in different conditions. “I didn’t know ice was made of water, ” said Solly “I thought it was made from snow.” Today we were invited in to the hall to watch Y4’s African dance that they have been practising since Africa week. We had to work out which animals they were- we learnt about two new animals- the springbok and the lemur. We knew that some children were being elephants and lions. The lions roared at us!In maths we have been learning how to add on numbers by drawing our own number line, instead of using the ones from the drawer. Some of us can also partition bigger numbers and jumps of tens and units on the number line.  We are now choosing the level of work we feel is right for us and some of us even do two levels in a lesson.Mayanna took the stick insects home- there are SIX new babies! Don’t lose them Mayanna!Tyler got the ***Certificate of the week**** this week for sitting down and doing the hardest maths work during wet play, when everyone around him was playing! Mrs Armstrong was sooooo impressed!