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“We both loved publishing our information texts!” said Maddy and Ruby. “Mine was about Deer and mine was called  All About Gymnastics.””I wrote about wearing a leotard, flips, handstands and forward rolls. I also added some diagrams, “said Maddy.” Some interesting facts from mine are that there are no deer in Australia, girl reindeer have antlers but normal girl deer don’t,” said Ruby.”Publishing was cool because we could choose our own topic to write about. I wrote about Selsey Beavers because I think it is very exciting. Some facts from mine: there is a Science badge, Hobby badge, Creativity badge and a Friendship badge. There are lots more but those are the important ones, ” said Billy. ” We are all excited about our new topic next term!” 

We published our information into leaflets.

The tadpoles hatched from the frogspawn this week. Miss Oxford is looking after them over the holidays.

 In maths we have been measuring liquid in litres and millilitres and learning how to read measures in grams and kilograms- or Killer Grannies!This afternoon we had our commendation Assembly. Theo received a certificate for being kind and helpful: Max got one for being a challenge enthusiast and Marcus got one for his incredibly determined learning attitude.Charlie the chimp is keeping Woody company in the Reading house over the holidays and Mrs Armstrong has taken the stick insects home…..Happy holidays everyone! Remember what Mr Baird said in assembly- be kind and helpful at home as well as relaxing and enjoying your break.