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We have been reading Horrid Henry stories this week.” He is mean and very naughty” says Zoe. Some of us think it would be great fun if he was a member of Y2, others think it would be awful.”Horrid Henry, The Big Bad Book is really exciting to read, ” says Tyrese. For Science we have been sorting pictures of plants and animals and discussing what makes animals animals and plants plants.”I found it a bit tricky to decide why all of them were plants but eventually I decided that plants have stalks and leaves, and animals have blood and organs,” said Zoe.In maths we had carousel activities all focused on recalling our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as quickly as we can.”Our favourite activity is when we do the times table grid and we have to get the answers right in under 2 minutes,” agreed both Zoe and Tyrese.Ashlee took the stick insects home this weekend. Bring back 3 please Ashlee!