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Phew! During a hot and sultry week, we’ve still managed to work hard. In the mornings, some of us have been using our brand new Numicon resources to help us with our Maths. We have used it to help us identify odd and even numbers, to fill in part, part, whole diagrams, to add and to find the difference. It’s great, fun, practical learning.IMG_1503We have been reading the story of The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. We have learned the story off by heart, have written some super versions of the story. Next week, we are going to use it to help us to write our own different stories.In the afternoons, after an energetic play, we’ve discovered that we really love having quiet ERIC time. We find a cosy spot and read our favourite books or comics. We can bring in reading material from home to enjoy during this time too.IMG_1499 IMG_1500IMG_1501In Science, we learned about Isaac Newton and how he discovered the force of gravity. We made and tested spinners to see if heavier things fell faster or slower. We tried really hard to make it a fair test.IMG_1505 IMG_1506