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This week we have been Samuel Pepys, and have written our own diaries.We imagined we were Samuel Pepys and wrote about The Great Fire of London using an old painting of what it was like in 1666. First, we had a go at writing using shorthand because that is how Pepys’s diary was actually written. Once we had written it, in proper English,  we published it, making it look like an old leather bound diary.“We soaked paper in tea to make it look old!” said Thomas.“We have been rehearsing for the play, but we can’t tell you anymore!” whispered Billy. Lots of us have already learnt our lines and, as well as trying the play out on the stage, we have been singing our songs all week.This morning, we had our Advent service at the church. Mayanna got the *****Certificate of the Week*********for being an enthusiastic learner and being especially enthusiastic about the play.This weekend Thomas got to take the stick insects home………………could you count them please Thomas?