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This week we have been solving various maths problems, such as how many different ways can Jack climb the beanstalk and how many different ways can we pay 6p?During the afternoon all week we have been tacking the SHOEBOX challenge- how to make the inside of a shoebox look like our bedroom? For homework we drew some floor plans and have had fun recycling cereal, medicine and snack boxes into beds, wardrobes and tables for our models. Take a look at these! Whose bedrooms are these? Also, we went on a challenge trail all around the school, turning left and right to solve the clues and find the next clue, with the help of Ms Newbould! At the end we found Charlie the Chimp, who was hiding in the wet play box. He went home with Thomas this weekend, who will hopefully have a fun adventure with Charlie and write it all up for us to read about on  Monday.Emma took the stick insects home this weekend and Amber got the *******Certificate of Achievement********* for being so conscientious during her time at St Matthew’s. She is off to Germany! Auf Wiedersehen Amber!