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This week we have been reading and writing riddles.What Am I?I have no colour,Not even white,But sometimes I’m wide and blue.Sometimes I’m still, And sometimes I rush,And I can fall down on you.I can change my shape,I often do,But I’m hard to hold in your hand.You need me to makeYour castle stands upWhen you’re playing in the sand.I haven’t much tasteBut on a hot dayYour tongue’s hanging out for me.Then I am cold,But I can be hot When I’m in your mum’s cup of tea.What am I? We learnt this poem by Jo Peters off by heart, finding the rhyme and rhythm in it and noticing how it uses the first person pronoun I all the way through.  Then we wrote our own, some of using spelling patterns to spell it out with clues about the order of the letters.Then, because it was dress up as a Book character day on Friday, lots of us chose to write riddles about book characters; Humpty Dumpty, Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood.In maths we have been learning to tell the time. Now we know when it is time for lunch!We are excited about doing our assembly on Friday and hope to see lots of parents there……..