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We made 3D shapes and talked about their properties.

In maths we made 3D shapes with Mrs Morris.  “It was great fun!” said Harry and Hadyn. Which shapes can you see in the photo?This week in Science we investigated forces.  We pushed and pulled different objects.  We also twisted, turned and rolled them.This Friday was writing cafe and the best customers were Marcus, Solly, Marley and Mia. Mrs Armstrong read out a sentence of Marley’s to show why he needed a full stop- it was a funny sentence without the full stop and didn’t really make sense.  Some of us wrote Charlie and Lola stories, some of us wrote an acrostic poem about November and lots of us wrote a diary about an imaginary fire in our street. It was interesting hearing the diaries of Y6 in their assembly this morning, it gave us ideas!Harry got the **Certificate of Achievement*** this week for making such good progress with his writing and maths. He is starting to become a properly  independent learner. Well done Harry!“I felt excited and happy when I went up” he said. And his mum was there to see his sister in her assembly, that was lucky!We now all know which role we have in the nativity play and have started to learn some of the songs.The stick insects are going home this week with Milly and Emma and four more eggs have hatched! Do you know how many baby stick insects we have now?