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On Monday this week we had two interesting visitors. It was not a  usual day at all!Before lunch a lady came into school to talk about recycling and how important it is. We had all brought a sock in and made sock puppets using little bits of decoration she had brought in. It was really fun!After lunch we had another visitor. He name was Marion and she lives near Poppy and Mr and Mrs Weekes. She told us all about what it was like to be a pupil at St Matthew’s in 1947. The school that we now go to had not been built, Marion went to the school near the church. She told us many tales of strict teachers, afternoon sleeps and knitting being unravelled but our favourite was about “going across the yard”. We took a walk to the old school site and Marion explained where children came in and how the windows were blocked up so you couldn’t look out and daydream! Even though school was very strict then, Marion said she loved school. Her favourite thing was reading. We all had many, many questions to ask her.Today in Literacy we wrote a diary as if we were Marion on our first day at St Matthew’s in 1947.We have also been learning our times tables and sorting multiples into Venn diagrams this week.Jayden got the ******Certificate of Achievement**********this week for improving his Literacy work.Harry took the stick insects home- there are only three left because Barley’s cat ‘lost’ three. So look after them carefully Harry!