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Nibbles the guinea pig was washing his colorful hair thinking “That grass looks fresh and juicy.”The only problem was that he was stuck in his run and the grass he wanted was outside. He spoke to his fellow guinea pig friend Bubbles who defiantly wanted to stay where he was, however he did agree to help Nibbles escape.They managed to dig a big enough hole to fit Nibbles under the run. “See you later,” squeaked Nibbles and skipped excitedly towards the inviting grass. “splendid,”  he thought munching thoughtfully down to the root of the grass.Suddenly he could hear a hissing sound behind him getting louder and louder, it was Cleo the obnoxious Siamese cat from next door.”Oh great,” he muttered under his breath anxiously looking around for cover. He scurried towards the old rustic shed on his little legs as fast as he could go with Cleo bounding violently behind him. Nibbles shot through the small gap in the ancient broken door just as Cleo’s paw skimmed over his muddy, furry back.”Phew that was close,” he panted breathlessly. Luckily Cleo was distracted by a noisy magpie who was taunting her from his branch and she went to try her luck with the magpie.Nibble peeped out cautiously to see if the coast wads clear, he stepped out nervously and decided to take a different direction t the glorious green grass. He was just checking over his shoulder to see if the naughty Cleo was following him, but he wasn’t looking where he was going and slid into a big dirty hole, he felt shocked and started squeaking unhappily, he felt afraid.Meanwhile, Ralph the enormous grey haired rabbit hopped along and stopped when he heard Nibbles squeaking loudly, Ralph jumped down the hole to help him, “I’m so pleased to see you,” quivered Nibbles.”You have got yourself in a pickle,” replied Ralph laughing.”Jump on my back,” commanded Ralph and hold on tight, Nibbles was ready, Ralph started to bounce up the slippery hole digging his sharp claws into the crumbly mud.At the top of the hole, Ralph asked Nibbles where he wanted to be dropped off.”I never want to go out of the safety of my run again, can you please drop me off there,” he cried. Ralph knew all the short cuts to avoid big holes and obnoxious cats. He flew over the ground effortlessly and was soon back at the run in front of a very surprised Bubbles. Nibbles tumbled off the rabbit’s back carefully and hurried back into the run quickly. He flet so relieved and told Bubbles he would never venture out again. They both asked Ralph if he oudl please fill in the runnel so nothing dangerous could get in and thanked him very much.Nibbles sat tiredly back on his bed and thought to himself “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!”Written bySam DavisYear 5