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In Science this week we were trying to squash and bend things and find out if they were elastic or not. We tested playdough, balloons, soft dice, 3D shapes , our jumpers and something of our choice. We worked with a partner and it was fun. We tested Tyler’s watch , it had an elastic wrist band. We put our results in a chart and marked our work with pink and green pens.In maths this week we tried to choose our own level of challenge. ” I liked being able to choose my own level” said Amber. “I liked today’s maths because we learnt how to answer True or False questions,” said Tyrese.We wrote instructions this week explaining how to make a painted tiger with moving legs and head, which we made a few weeks ago. ” I am writing mine for  my Aunty, “said Tyrese. ” My instructions are for Georgia and Summer in Reception. ” said Amber. by Mia, Amber and Tyrese Certificate of Achievement this week went to Max.  ” I felt quite nervous going up near the stage but I’m really proud of myself. “