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This week we have learnt how to role play our Indian folk tale “The Tiger Child”.  One person in the group narrated the story using their story map while the rest of the group mimed the story, playing various characters.\n\nWe’ve also done lots of sorting this week in both Maths and Science. We sorted 2D shapes with Mrs Morris on Tuesday and then on Wednesday in Science we sorted materials according to different properties into a Venn diagram.  Some of the properties we chose to sort them by were rough, soft, fluffy, hard, smooth and transparent.\n\nIn PE we are starting to learn how to skip. Some of us are really good at it but some of us can’t do it at all and we want to improve.\n\nY2’s Art club started this week with Miss Oxford and we are exploring colour patterns. Some of us have joined lunchtime singing club and we are learning how to sing The Floppy Ear Song.\n\nWe can’t wait to find out who is taking the stick insects home for the weekend…….!