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This morning we all took part in Writing Swap Shop. Professor Baird came into the hall with a massive box telling us that inside the box was an amazing new animal. It had just been discovered in South America.  We had to write a report about this new animal. This was our first Writing Swap Shop, during this time we had Mrs Weekes as our teacher and we found it great fun!  We created a Tolerance prayer yesterday in class worship and were very proud of it. Miss Ward told Mr Weekes about it and today it was read aloud to the whole school during whole school worship. This week in French we learnt how to say ‘Good Afternoon’ … ‘Bon après-midi.’In Science, we learnt that bacteria in our mouths  feed on sugar and they produce acid. Bacteria and acid together are called plaque which his attacks the enamel of our teeth. We’ve started an experiment which involves 3 egg shells,  water, orange juice and coke. We want to see which drink will cause more damage. The egg shells are acting as our teeth.This week it was Jenner who went to cook with Mrs Evans. They cooked apple and rhubarb crumble.Certificate of Achievement – ” It was a really big surprise that I got the certificate. I felt ecstatic!” – Sean