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BREAD TASTING MANIA\n\nWe tried ten different breads on Wednesday! We had a great time … until the rye bread came out!! Basically the whole class put it straight in the bin except Haydon, Noah, Harry B, Ella -Mae, Kyle and Jack C.\n\nDINOSAUR MAYHEM\n\nWe have had great fun researching about dinosaurs.\n\n*How long ago did they live? Did you know they lived 65 million years ago!\n\n*When did they die? Did you know that scientists believe that an asteroid hit the earth causing a dust cloud which made dinosaurs extinct.\n\n*Where did they live? Did you know that some dinosaurs could swim under water.\n\n***Certificate of Achievement*** ‘I felt a bit embarassed going up in Church but I was quite pleased with myself.’ – Ella – Mae\n\n