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We are learning about Japan this term!Did you know Tokyo is the capital city? Did you know the flag is white with a red circle in the middle? Did you know Japan had a civil war? Did you know that Japan’s national sport is Sumo wrestling? Did you know that Japanese people eat with chopsticks then throw them away?In English we have learnt a story about a young boy called Momotaro! We are going to be turning this story into a playscript.In Science we are learning about plants and now know that the 4 main parts are; flower, stem, roots and leaves. Which part of the plant absorbs the light? Which part sucks up the water?We enjoyed watching the reception class assembly this morning. This afternoon we thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with origami and making a carp kite (Koinobori).Certificate of Achievement – “I was shocked when Mr Baird said my name!” – Max