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This morning we all went along to the Church for our Advent Service. Harry C, Emily and Holly told a reading about ‘The First Candle’ which is for God’s people. We enjoyed singing all the hymns. 
In Literacy this week we have been typing up our quest myth stories. We thoroughly enjoyed this but realised that we need practice typing with both hands because we are rather slow!
In Numeracy today we learnt how to draw a bar chart. We found out that to be accurate we had to use a ruler and have an appropriate scale.
In History this week we had great fun researching about The Celts. Did you know … Iron Age was named after The Celts, the Romans thought that Celts lost their temper often, the Celts loved drinking wine and having massive feasts and they painted their bodies with bright, blue, swirly war paint ready for battle.
*** Certifcate of Achievement*** – “When I went up infront of the whole Church I was quite scared and wasn’t expecting it.” – Lara