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This week in Year 3 ….In Literacy we have been looking at Kenning poems. Kenning poems are long thin list poems that involve noun – verb phrases. We have been challenging ourselves to create our own Kenning poems about ourselves.In Numeracy we have been learning about the place value of numbers. What is the value of the hundreds column in this number … 6473?In Science and DT we have been thinking about what a balanced diet is. We now know that to have a balanced diet we need a bit of everything!In the mornings we have been completing  reading buddy work to improve our reading skills. In the afternoons we did a bit of handwriting and challenged ourselves to join it up.In French we learnt how to say hello … Bonjour!We have all had the opportunity to do some gardening too!***Certificate of Achievement*** – I felt ecstatic when I went up to get my certificate!”