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During our final week of the Candlemas Term we have had lots of fun!**Prayer Space** – this morning we went into the Prayer space in the hall. We found the experience very magical, peaceful and  calming. We were able to relax and think about God.* Literacy – we have now all published our adventure stories and blurb. Additionally we have illustrated our stories with a front cover.* Numeracy – we have been attempting lots more word problems this week. We are becoming more confident and have improved our understanding of what operation ( + – x ÷ ) to use in our calculations to solve them.*Music – In music lessons in class we have been practising some of the Robin Hood songs. In our brass lesson this week we worked on “Hot Cross Buns” again to become more confident playing it.* DT – we have finished making our photo frames and brought them home yesterday.We are looking forward our half term break now but are excited about all our new topics in the Lenten Term!