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This week was our first week of swimming lessons at Archway School. Miss Beebee, Mrs Fairly, Mrs Evans and Mrs Bateman came along with us.  Firstly, we had a little play around in the pool to get used to the water, then at the end we practised swimming some lengths of the pool.In Numeracy, we’ve been looking at fractions again. We are slowly but surely becoming more confident at finding fractions of shapes and quantities.In Literacy our week started off by watching a short clip from the film Babe. This links closely to Dick King-Smith’s book The Sheep Pig as his book was turned into Babe. Yesterday and today we have been thinking about what questions we would ask Dick King-Smith’s publisher about him. Which did he prefer The Sheep Pig or Babe? What was his favourite book? Did he base any of his characters on people he knew?We’ve been rehearsing lots in the afternoons for Robin Hood. Don’t forget to practise the Lyrics at home and in the playground at break times with your friends. ***Certificate of Achievement*** – ”  I was shocked, surprised and excited! ” – Jack C