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We have had a busy week in Year 3, which today ended in our class assembly. Over the past few weeks we have been exploring light in our Science lessons.  We have been going outside to look at shadows at different times of day.  Luckily, the weather has been on our side (generally!). Wednesday afternoon we walked up to Archway for our 3rd DT session.  This was our final session before we swap over next week.  The cooking group made chocolate chip muffins (hopefully these will be a bigger hit!).  The woodwork group finished using the pyrography machines to outline their designs, finished line bending the acrylic plastic to make the hook and finished compiling our final products.  We now have some very cool looking mythical monster coat hangers, which we showed off in our assembly today. Yesterday we also had our weekly recorder lesson.  We learnt to play low D and started to use this to play London’s burning.  We also learnt to play Peas Pudding Hot and Green Jelly, which we played as a duet.  This was a bit of a challenge but we’re sure we will get better!