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This morning we walked to Church and had our Harvest festival.  A few people from each class went up to do different readings.  In Year 4 Emily, Leona and Martha read an acrostic poem about Harvest. In our topic we are learning about the mills.  We learnt about what children had to do in the mills.  We watched some short videos about life in the mills.  We learnt about the different rooms in the mills and who worked in each room.  We found out about the Carding room, the spinning room and the weaving room.  There were lots of different jobs that were done in the mill that included: a carder, scavengers, spinners, piecers and weavers.  We had a go at spinning our own piece of wool with our fingers.  Our story that we read in the afternoons is Mill Girl and the main character, called Eliza, works in the Carding room.We also found out about workhouses and found that they were even worse than the mills.  The workhouse masters were very cruel, especially to the children.There were lots of very harsh punishments and rules in the Mills and in the workhouses.  Some of the rules included: 5 minutes late to work = fined twopence, no crying, not allowed to leave their room without being told, work hard and wash twice a week (on Monday and Thursdays). The house point winners for this week are: Jack Br, Emily and Gracie L with 4 house points each.The winning house is: Scott.Table of the week is: This week was not awarded because only 3 points have been given out all week.  The points will be carried over into next week.