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This afternoon in PE we had our first experience of Rugby.  It is a really tricky game, especially when you have to learn to pass backwards.  We just about mastered the skill of passing and catching the rugby ball, which was difficult enough, then we tried to apply the skills into a game.  We did forget some of what we had just learnt, but the match was good experience for us and made us realise how difficult the game of Rugby really is. This week in topic, we have been learning about the Great Plague, which happened just after the Tudor period.  We have learnt how the plague began, where it came from and how it spread.  We also learnt that the Great Fire of London ended the plague.  We have now planned a letter imagining that we were part of a family that was affected by the plague.  We will be writing these next week and then tea staining them, ready to go in our topic books. On Wednesday afternoon we all made snowmen ready to decorate our Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is all ready for the Christmas tree hunt on Sunday. This Week’s Awards -Perfect Presentation – Kiara and Jack BrHouse Point Individual – Noah and EmilyHouse Point Team – HolstCertificate – Emily – She said ‘I was really surprised, and in my head I didn’t think it was going to be me!’