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This week in English we were writing Autobiographies.  An autobiography is a book written about your own life.  We planned it using pictures and notes of important occasions in our lives.  Today we published our own Autobiographies, in our neatest handwriting. In Maths this week we learnt how to do the Column Method.  We did some work on sheets and some work in our books.  At the end of the week we did an assessment, where we had to use the column method to answer questions. For the last two weeks, in PE, we have been playing a new Netball game, called Savior.   Last week we played in house teams, and this week, we used it as an end of lesson fun game.  For this weeks Netball games, we had two team captains who chose their teams. Results from Friday 3rd October 2014:The Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Gracie L.  She said ‘I was amazed and a bit shocked’. Results from Friday 10th October 2014:Table of the Week was Spain – Martha, Jack C, Harry B and Leona.The certificate of achievement was awarded to William.  He said ‘I was quite surprised because I don’t get a certificate very often’.House Points – The individual winners were: Ella-Mae, Billy, Emily, Gracie C and Faye.  The winning house was Holst. Results from Friday 17th October 2014:Table of the week this week was Spain again! With Martha, Harry B, Jack C and Leona! Well Done!The certificate of achievement was awarded to Ben.  He said ‘I was really surprised and I didn’t know it was coming’.House points – The winning house this week is Holst.  The individual winner is William, with 5 house points.This week we have started a brand new Presentation award in Year 4.  If we present our work neatly with good handwriting, we get a sticker in our book and a raffle ticket in the Golden Box.  At the end of the week Miss Beebee will pick out, at random, 1 boy and 1 girl to win the prize.Perfect PresentationThe winners this week are: Elliot and Faye.  Well done to everyone who got tickets in the Golden Box this week!