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Wow! What an amazing evening we had on Tuesday!  Myself and Mrs Thompson took 22 children to Stratford Court to participate in the track events for District Sports.  We were an incredibly successful team, and had impeccably behaved children. Results:Junior Girls Relay – Holly, Lara, Eva, Daisie – 1stJunior Boys Relay – Elias, Sean, Fin, Toby – 3rdSenior Girls Relay – Josie, Amelia, Ellie, Eva – 2ndSenior Boys Relay – Jack, Dylan, Theo, Louis – 2ndJunior Mixed Relay – Ruby, Kyra, Aaron, Andy – 2ndSenior Mixed Relay – Rosie, James, Tyler, Daisie – 5th Yr 3 Girls – Holly – 1st, Lara – 5thYr 3 Boys – Elias  – 4th, Sean – 3rd

Yr 4 Girls – Eva – 1st, Daisie – 2ndYr 4 Boys – Fin – 4th, Toby – 3rdYr 5 Girls – Josie – 2nd, Amelia – 7thYr 5 Boys – Dylan – 2nd, Jack – 6thYr 6 Girls – Elly R – 4th, Rosie – 6thYr 6 Boys – Theo – 4th, Louis – 7th Finals Results:Yr 3 Girls – Holly – 2ndYr 3 Boys – Sean – 6thYr 4 Girls – Daisie – 1st, Eva – 2ndYr 4 Boys – Toby – 6thYr 5 Girls – Josie – 6thYr 5 Boys – Dylan – 8thJunior Girls Relay – Eva, Daisie, Lara, Holly – 1stJunior Boys Relay – Fin, Toby, Elias, Sean – 3rdSenior Girls Relay – Elly, Eva, Josie, Amelia – 4thSenior Boys Relay – Theo, Louis, Dylan, Jack – 4thJunior Mixed Relay – Aaron, Andy, Ruby, Kyra – 6th These finals results, mean that out of the large schools, we have THE best Junior Girls relay team in the whole of Stroud.  We also have the TWO fastest Yr 4 Girls in the whole of Stroud, and the second fastest Yr 3 Girl in the whole of Stroud, and the third fastest Junior Boys Relay team in the whole of Stroud!!Yr 3 Individual Sprinters        Yr 4 Individual Sprinters        Yr 6 Individual Sprinters        Junior Mixed Relay Team       Junior Girls Relay Team        Junior Boys Relay Team        Senior Girls Relay Team        I’m sure you’ll agree that these are totally fantastic results, that these children and everyone at school can be incredibly proud of.  All of the children worked incredibly hard, and you can see from the pictures, just how determined they all were to win!                                                                I was incredibly proud of all of our children, who took part and really gave it everything they had, and these amazing results just finished the evening perfectly.Miss Beebee