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Unfortunately I was unable to attend the District Sports Field event evening, but I hear that we had some really great results as a school, which contributed massively to our overall success.Results I have been told:Junior Girls Long Jump – Holly 1st, Emily 2nd.Senior Girls Long Jump – Eva and Amelia.Junior Boys Long Jump – Sean and Alfie.Senior Boys Long Jump – Toby and Josh.Junior Girls Throwing – Gracie C.Senior Girls Throwing – Hannah SJunior Boys Throwing – Elias 5th.Senior Boys Throwing – Andy.Children, please come and let me know your results so that I can update this blog with them. Track Results:Junior Girls Relay – 8th – Holly, Lara, Maddy and Ruby.Junior Boys Relay – 2nd – Elias, Charlie, Tyler and Solly.Senior Girls Relay – 1st – Eva, Ruby, Josie and Kira.Senior Boys Relay – 1st – Dylan, Kieran, Toby and Fin.Junior Mixed Relay – 2nd – Leona, Sean, Zoe and Max.Senior Mixed Relay – 3rd – Grace, Rhys H, Aaron and Kyra.Yr 3 Girls – Ruby 5th, Maddie 3rd.Yr 3 Boys – Tyler 1st, Solly 1st.Yr 4 Girls – Holly 1st, Lara 4th.Yr 4 Boys – Elias 3rd, Charlie 1st.Yr 5 Girls – Eva 1st, Ruby 1st.Yr 5 Boys – Toby 8th, Fin 4th.Yr 6 Girls – Josie 1st, Amelia 5th.Yr 6 Boys – Dylan 5th, Joe S 3rd. Track Finals:Yr 3 Girls – Maddie 8th.Yr 3 Boys – Solly 4th, Tyler 5th.Yr 4 Girls – Holly 1st.Yr 4 Boys – Charlie 4th, Elias 5th.Yr 5 Girls – Eva 2nd, Ruby 3rd.Yr 6 Girls – Josie 4th.Yr 6 Boys – Joe S 5th.Junior Boys Relay – 6thSenior Girls Relay – 3rdSenior Boys Relay – 3rdJunior Mixed Relay – 3rdSenior Mixed Relay – 5th  Out of 16 schools who took part, we finished 3rd!!! Massive well done to all those who took part, you represented us beautifully!