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We are all really enjoying the Tudor topic work and some of the portraits we did for homework are now on our class display. We all wrote instructions for a cure for the Black Death during our English lessons and some of the ingredients were not what you would expect to make anyone feel better!


Zoe, Ashlee, Mia and Harry with the winning bridge

  The maths trail and bridge challenge have been very exciting. We have all enjoyed working in teams.  One of our visitors explained the importance of using our maths skills and how they can be used in projects such as building a bridge that can take the weight of a tin of beans, using only paper, cardboard and tape. He then explained that this was a school project but challenges on a bigger scale could be something we were a part of in the future.We have only three swimming lessons to go and Miss Beebee is pleased that we have all tried our best to develop our skills in the water and work towards achieving swimming awards.

Maths dress up day!