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This week in Literacy Year 4 have been continuing to look at instructions.  We enjoyed writing different sets of instructions, which have included how to play a game, and how to draw a picture.  We then followed the instructions to see if they worked.  We have also enjoyed Maths this week because the working out that we have been doing has been a challenge.This week our homework is based on our DT lessons.  We had to create a questionnaire in school, then get someone to fill it in as our homework.We also had a visitor this week from the Cotswold Canal Trust, who introduced our trip, ready for next week.  We looked at the Wallbridge painting, to see what we could see.  Some of the things we saw were a lock, a trow and the Stroud Scarlet fabric which was being dried in the fields.This afternoon we had PE and we were doing Netball.  For the first time, we got to play a full game of Netball, which was AWESOME!  It was a little bit difficult to remember not to run with the ball and the rules about where we were allowed to go.This week our certificate was awarded to Andrew, for persevering with his Maths work, even when he found it tricky.  “I was stunned when Mr Weekes called my name.  The reason I got it was because my Maths work was really tricky, and I took most of the lesson to complete it because I kept making mistakes”.  Luckily Andrew stuck with it and by the end of the lesson he understood what he was doing and had done his corrections.