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In year 4 our topic is the Tudor’s.  This week we had a whole day learning about the Tudor Kings and Queens.We voted for a King, Queen and a servant, for both the morning and afternoon.  They got to dress up in traditional Tudor clothes and even had ‘wine’ on their tables.  King William said ‘the wine was delicious’.  In the morning we had King William I, Queen Leona I and Servant Kiara.  In the afternoon we had King Kyle I, Queen Gracie L I, and Servant Lara.  We used the computers to research Tudor Kings and Queens.  We also looked closely at Henry VIII wives.  In groups we researched one, and created a poster about her.  We also filled in a family tree for the Tudor family.  We played a game on the internet, where we had to answer questions about Queen Elizabeth I, in order to crack the code and reveal a secret message.  We also started our Tudor topic cover page to go in our topic books.In the afternoon we all had mince pies and ‘wine’.  The mince pies were delicious but some of us had rather a few!  Mince pies originated in Tudor times, but when they ate them they were filled with meat mince! This week’s awards:House point winning team: GraceHouse point winning individuals: Noah and Charlie.Perfect Presentation: Billy and Faye.Table of the Week: Italy – Noah, Faye, Elliot and Lara.Certificate: Kiara – She said ‘I was really surprised!’