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On Monday the whole class took part in forest schools. We built our own dens and we had to make sure they were water proof by using different materials in the forest. We had so much fun and really enjoyed working in different teams.Some of us got to take part in a cooking class with Miss Oxford. We made mini quiches out of pastry, cheese, chives and tomatoes. The rest of the class are really excited to make our own quiches.We started our new PE topic this week, tennis. We learnt how to control a tennis ball with our rackets and we also looked at our foot work.This week we also finished writing our own stories and we typed them up on the laptops.We started our new topic in science, habitats.  We went outside to look for different habitats in our school area and we discussed which habitat would be the best.Sean, Holly, Elias, Lara and Holly did the class assembly this week on words.