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In Year four today we did PE.  In PE we did some balancing in our new Gymnastics topic.  We had a sheet with some examples on and we had to practice different balances.  Then we had to pick our favourite and practice that for 2 mins.  Then we did a performance to the rest of the class.In Literacy we have been writing non-chronological reports all week.  We started by writing one about Stroud’s Local History.  We have now turned our reports into leaflets.  They will shortly be on display in the Year 4 classroom.   Today we had our end of unit assessment and we wrote a non-chronological report about St Matthew’s, to be given to new Reception children’s parents.In Science we carried on learning about temperature, and we went around the school taking the temperature of different rooms.  We found that the Yr 4 classroom was the warmest at 20 degrees.  The KS2 playground was the coldest at about 9 degrees.  We thought that the KS2 playground was colder than the forest area because there is more shelter in the forest area .This week’s certificate was awarded to Rylee-Jai for trying really hard to challenge himself, particularly in Literacy and Swimming.  He said “when Mr Weekes called my first name out, I didn’t think it was me.  I felt really shocked when I realised it was me.  I couldn’t believe it when I was going up to face everyone.”