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This week has been a busy one, where we have been trying to finish off lots of topics before the end of term.Our Literacy has continued to look at persuasive writing, but this week we have had a focus on adverts.  We have planned, written and now started to present our own advert, for a place that we have visited and loved!  We will be finishing these off next week by trying to make them colourful and eye catching.Maths this week has seen us continue our revision work of various topics that we have covered before.  We have looked at Multiples, factors and square numbers.  We now know the difference between the 3 and what all 3 mean.  We can also give examples of all three.In the afternoon’s we have finished our Art topic of ‘Journey through a landscape’.  We added colour to our pictures of Stroud, using oil pastels.  We learnt how to blend oil pastels to create different shades and to add texture to our pictures.  We were all then successfully able to use our new skills in our pictures.This afternoon we enjoyed going out to watch a little bit of the Yr 5/ 6 interhouse tournament.  Cricket was a sport that we covered last term, and Rounders is a sport that we are currently doing.  It was nice to see the older children play, and to take some tips from their play, particularly with tactics.It’s difficult to believe that we only have 1 week left together in Year 4, but I intend to make the most of the last week of term and enjoy it as much as possible, as I hope the children do to!Have a nice weekend, and don’t forget homework needs to be in on Monday, so that I can mark it before the end of the year!!Miss Beebee x