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Year 4 have been doing some Gymnastics in PE, including some awesome stretches and balances.  We also learnt a new word whilst doing PE, it is aesthetics; it means making something look good.  Miss Beebee gave us a sheet that had lots of balances on it for us to practice, so we chose our favourites and put them into a short routine.In Science we were investigating how to prevent an ice cube from melting.  We had a stopwatch on the IWB to time how long it took to melt.  We wrapped ice cubes in different materials to see which one lasted the longest.  The materials were bin bag, tin foil, kitchen roll, paper towels and cling film, we also had one that wasn’t wrapped in any material.This week in Literacy we have been doing explanation texts.  With Mrs Weekes we were looking at better connectives that we can use to make a sentence longer.  A connective can join two short sentences together.This week our certificate was awarded to Charlie, for always trying his best in Maths lessons.  He said ‘I felt joyful and shocked when I got the certificate’.