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On the first day, we were all very excited to come back to school.  There was quite a lot of information that we needed to remember.  In the classroom we are sat on tables, that are named after European countries.  The countries are: Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and Spain.On Tuesday we drew a self portrait, which is a picture of ourselves.  It was really fun because we had to make sure the shape of our face was right.  We had to include lots of colour and lots of patterns on our faces.  The finished pieces of Art looked really weird, but very colourful.We have done lots of reading this week.  We read every morning when we first come in to school.  It is great because we get to read more books over the school year.We figured out that in PE this term we are playing Netball.  We learnt how to do a chest pass, a shoulder pass and a bounce pass.  It was fun when we were practicing our shooting because we all worked as a team and supported each other.This week’s certificate was awarded to: Alfie.  He said ‘I felt surprised that I got the certificate.’This week’s table of the week was: Norway!  Well Done for working hard, listening carefully and trying your best all week!  The children on Norway are: Jack Br, Martha, Edward, Ella-Mae, Leona and Emily.Miss Beebee has also chosen the photocopier monitor.  For the Michaelmas term it is: Leona.  She said ‘I was a bit shocked.’