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Last Week’s Results:Individual House Point Winners: Ella-Mae and Martha.Winning House: GracePerfect Presentation: No one, the box was empty!Table of the Week: Spain – Holly, Luke, Gracie L and Edward.Certificate: Leona.  She said ‘I didn’t know it was going to be me’. This week we have been working hard to try and improve the quality of our written work.We have been exploring different states in our Science lessons over the past few weeks.  This week we looked at the processes of melting and freezing.  We tried melting different things in the classroom, but most were unsuccessful.In PE this term we have started our new unit of Games.  So far we have looked at the games of Bench ball and Hockey.  We will continue to look at a variety of Games over the next few weeks.This week’s results -Individual House Point Winner: BillyWinning House: HolstPerfect Presentation: Leona and LukeTable of the Week: Greece – Emily, Faye, Harry B and Alfie.Certificate: Charlie.  He said ‘I thought it was going to be somebody else but it was really me’!