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On Wednesday we did PE with Mrs Strachan.  We did multi-skills and we had to do things like crawling on our hands and feet.  We did some practice of some of the events we will do on sports day.  We did lots of races. On Tuesday we went to Archway to do some cooking and wood work.  Half of us did cooking and half of us did wood work.  We will then swap after a couple of sessions.  The cooking group made Mexican cookies.  They were supposed to be dough cookies, but they went a little bit wrong.  The people that were doing woodwork were making coat hangers.  We cut out plastic hooks using a saw.  We haven’t finished yet. Our topic is Aztecs and Mayans.  They lived in Mexico.  In Art we have designed Aztec repeating patterns.  We have also done some topic work on the Day of the Dead.  We designed some posters to show information about the festival.  We wrote Newspaper reports based on our book ‘Grandmother’s Song’,which we are looking at in English.  The story is set in Mexico.  Last Week’s Results – House Point Teams – Jenner – 19, Grace – 20, Holst – 21, Scott – 23.House Point Individual – Ella-Mae and Martha.Certificate – Ella-Mae.  She said ‘I felt very proud of myself and didn’t expect it. This Week’s Results – House Point Teams – Scott – 6, Grace – 9, Jenner – 10, Holst – 16.House Point Individual – Martha!Certificate – Martha.  She said ‘I was very shocked when I got the certificate’.