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Today we have done our first PE lesson of the term.  Some of us got to use the springboard and the box. We were taught how to do balances on the bench (turned upside down).  It was very fun.This week has been our first week of rehearsals for our play of The Wind in the Willows.  We have started working out where we need to be on stage for some of the scenes.  Some of our lines are very tricky, but we are doing a great job of learning them.In Art we have been sketching some Native American Sand paintings.  It has been very fun, but we haven’t got to the stage where we are adding colour yet. This Week’s Awards:Individual House Point: William with 4 house points.Team House Points: Jenner, Scott, Grace then Holst in 1st!Table of the Week: Spain – Sean, Noah, Kiara, Harry C, Billy and Ellie and Italy – Faye, Emily, Thomas and Riley.Certificate: Elias, he said ‘I didn’t know it was me and I was very happy!’ Awards from end of last term:Individual House Point: Lots of us all drew on 2 house points!Team House Points:Scott and Jenner = 6, Grace = 7, Holst = 12.Table of the Week: Sweden – Harry B, Jack C, Gracie C, Martha, Edward and Holly.Perfect Presentation: Jack C and Lara.