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In Maths yesterday we had chocolate cake.  Miss Beebee promises that it was to do with Maths, not just for a treat!  We were discussing fractions and what they mean.  We decided that we would be happier if we could have 1 whole cake, rather than 1/2 of a cake! In English we have been looking at the story of ‘When Jessie Came Across the Sea’.  We created posters trying to persuade Miss Beebee to pick us to go to America (unfortunately not real, Miss Beebee isn’t that rich!)  The posters were fab, and it was very difficult for Miss Beebee to choose some winners.  In the end, the winners were Amy and William.  The runners up were Faye, Edward, Charlie and Holly.  Well done to everybody, great effort! Last Week’s Results:House points – Scott = 9, Grace = 12, Jenner = 13, Holst = 15.Individual House Points – 3 HP’s each – Leona, Lara and Amy.Perfect Presentation – Luke and AmyTable of the Week – Italy – Martha, Holly, Kyle and Ben.Certificate – Billy – He said ‘I was surprised that I got it, because it is the first time this year’. This Week’s Results:House points – Jenner = 5, Grace = 10, Scott = 11, Holst = 12.Individual House Points – Haydon with 4 HP.Perfect Presentation – Gracie L and Thomas.Table of the Week – Italy – Thomas, Faye, Riley and Emily.Certificate – Gracie C – She said ‘I was very excited and I didn’t know it was going to be me’.