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On Tuesday Year 4 went on our canal trip.  We walked along the canal from our school, all the way to Ryeford Double Lock.  Along the way we saw lots of interesting things.First we saw a new swing bridge outside Ebley Mill.  We also saw the flood gates, which are there to stop the houses in Ebley from flooding.  They work by pushing the water back towards the centre of Stroud, away from Ebley.Next we saw Cloth Mills Bridge.  This is a new bridge, so there weren’t any rope marks from where the men pulled the trows through.After this we saw a spill weir.  We think that a spill weir is there to take any excess water away from the canal to the River Frome, so that the canal doesn’t flood.Next was Oil Mills Bridge, which is an old bridge with rope marks in the brick and the iron covering, from where the men used to pull the trows.  The top half of Oil Mills Bridge is newer than the bottom half, and has a hole built into it for bats to live.  There is a mill by Oil Mills Bridge, which used to be a cloth mill, then it turned into an animal factory, now it makes fake snow for films.Finally we arrived at Ryeford Double Lock.  Ryeford double lock has 3 big gates to control the water level.  We learnt how to open and close the lock gates.  We also learnt how slow the Trow’s would have travelled when men had to pull them, because in groups of 7, we tried pulling a 26 tonne barge!  The captain of the barge called us all very good donkeys!  We were taught a saying for people who work on the canal, it was: No rush, No fuss, That’s us!Lock’s were built along the canal so that boats could travel up and down hills.  We also saw a canal boat called Goliath. Our certificate this week was awarded to Keira, for being a supportive and encouraging team member in our swimming lessons.  Keira says: “I was stunned to get my certificate”.