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In Year 4 we have had a very busy week this week.We have started our new topic in Literacy which is learning about Stories from Other Cultures.  We are looking at the story of Grandmother’s Song, which is a story from Mexico.  Ask us what it is all about!  We tried different fruit and vegetables that are commonly eaten in Mexico.  We tried tomato, pepper, pineapple and mango.  Most of us liked most of them, although we did pull some rather funny faces that made Miss Beebee laugh!In PE we are using Grandmother’s Song as a basis for our Dance.  We will be creating different dances each week, based on the story.  Today we had our first Gymnastics lesson using the apparatus.  We were very sensible and  learnt how to put the apparatus out safely.  Next week we will be able to have a really good go on all of the different bits of apparatus that we have.In Science we started thinking about the Human Body, and we looked at our skeleton.  We had loads of fantastic questions to ask Miss Beebee, lots that even she didn’t know!  Ask us for some of the questions, see if you can answer them!In Maths we have learnt the chunking method of division.  To do chunking you use multiplication to work out the answer to a division question!  It sounds confusing, but we are starting to get the hang of it.We also got told our parts this week for the play.  We are very excited for our performance in April.  Our rehearsals will start soon!Our certificate this week was awarded to: Deacon, for making a really positive start to the new term, and working consistently hard in all lessons this week!  He said “I felt really proud of myself and happy’.