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This week in year four we did another writing swap shop. We had to imagine that we touched something like a crystal. we had to touch it and we went into a different place like a rain forest or a haunted house.  We had to put character’s in it, it was really fun.In Maths we started fractions.  Miss Beebee bought a cake and cut it into parts.  We answered different questions on the board, so that Miss Beebee knows what we already know about fractions.  At the end of our fractions lesson, we got to eat some cake!!!In Science we are still learning about the human body.  We investigated whether people with bigger feet can jump further than people with smaller feet.  We measured the area of our feet, then we went outside and measured how far we can jump.  After we collected all our results we drew a scatter graph.  We had to put all of our groups results on it.By Lily and Jacob.Our certificate this week was awarded to Lily for being a trustworthy and reliable member of the class, who can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing at the right time!  She said “I was surprised when Mr Weekes called my name out, as it was my first time”.Miss Beebee would just like to say a big well done, to the Yr 4 Netball team.  This week we played for the first time since before Christmas, and the standard of Netball was brilliant!  We played against Foxmoor, and the final score was 2-2.  A really close match, so well done to all players involved.  Thank you, also, to all the parents who came to support us!