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This week in Year 4 we learnt about moving picture, in Art.  We looked at some images on the internet which appeared to be moving, but really it was just our minds playing tricks on us.  We then went outside to the adventure playground to do some climbing and jumping.  Miss Beebee went round taking photo’s of us all, doing our movements.  Then we went to the infant playground, where we all had a go at taking photographs ourselves, which had to show movement.  We photographed the class running and jumping across the playground.  Here are some of us in action: We have also completed our African Animals dance.  We were put into groups of African animals and created most of the dance ourselves.  We created the dance before half term, then finished it this week.  Today we performed to the Year 2’s, and they thought it was great!  They were able to guess nearly all of the animals correctly – so we must have performed really well! In Science this week we were using thermometers to measure temperature.  There were 3 trays of water – 1 was room temperature, 1 was hot and 1 was cold.  We made predictions about the temperatures and then measured them.  We learnt that a thermometer was a more accurate way of recording temperature than just using our hands. This week’s certificate was awarded to Hannah, for writing a very thoughtful next target for herself, which shows that she is becoming a very successful learner.  She said ‘when Mr Baird called my name I was very happy and excited and my face lit up.  I was really chuffed and my brother smiled at me’.