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This week we had book week.  In Year 4 we took part in a book hunt.  We had to find a book that was covered with brown paper and then read it.  Once you finished the book you could take a sticker, so that everybody knew that you had found a book.  Nobody in Year 4 managed to find all of the books.   Only 9 of us managed to find a book at all!We had the book swap, almost everyone in Year 4 managed to bring in a book to swap.  We were given a raffle ticket to buy a book.  There were lots of Roald Dahl books to choose from in the swap and quite a few cooking books.  All of the books were really interesting.  Everybody in Year 4 managed to find a book to take home, that they really liked.We had a visitor called Bill, who came in to tell us stories.  The first story he told us was about a hippo who wanted to be a ballerina.  The story was very funny and it was written by Bill.  In Year 4 we made a front cover for Bill’s story, or we drew a picture to illustrate the story.  Then we started to write the next story in the series.  We had lots of good ideas, ask us what some of them were!At lunchtimes there were different stories being told in the library, by different people.  There was a story about a dragon who turned into the size of a house!Also this week we finished off our weaving, that we started at the Museum in the Park last week.  Miss Beebee owned a wool shop, that got into a great big mess at the end of the day!!This week our certificate was awarded to Eva, for trying her best in Maths this week to learn new strategies for adding, and now being able to apply those strategies independently.  She said “I was surprised that I  got the certificate”.