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In Literacy we have been learning about Grandmother’s Song.  This week we have been writing our own stories based on Grandmother’s Song.  Grandmother’s Song is set in Mexico – you will get to hear all about it in our assembly next week!In PE we did a Dance also based on Grandmother’s Song.  We had to work in partners to create a dance where one person was Grandmother and the other person was Granddaughter.  Also we have learnt a new game called Bench ball.  You have 2 benches and 2 teams.  You can make up your own rules, but one that is always played is that you are not allowed to tackle anyone, or snatch the ball out of their hands.By: Izzy and Lucy.This week our certificate was awarded to Izzy for applying her fractions knowledge to help her answer some tricky percentages questions.  She said “I was really surprised when Mr Weekes called my name out.  I’m really happy that my mum was there to see me get my certificate.” Also this week some children from Yr 4 played in a Netball match against Callowell.  The final score was 1: 1.  The children all played really well, and it was a very close match.  Both the parents and Miss Beebee were getting a little bit over excited because it was so close!!!