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In Year 4 this week we have been VERY busy!In Literacy we have been learning about instructions.  At the start of the week we did some finger painting.  We had to make a picture with a bonfire and some fireworks by following a good set of instructions.  Then we told Miss Beebee how to make a picture but we put the instructions in the wrong order!  Miss Beebee’s picture was rubbish because half of it was on the table and half on the newspaper!  We also made exciting posters about how to help fairytale characters.  This week we also started a busy round robin timetable where we do lots of different activities all related to reading.  We particularly enjoyed the silent reading in the reading corner.We have done lots of fun things in our foundation subjects.  In DT we looked at our own and others money containers.  We discovered that money containers can be any shape, size and colour.  We also enjoyed finding out about canals in our History topic.  We learnt that canals are man made and they do not flow.  We had a brilliant PE lesson today where we learnt different stretches for our muscles and learnt some of the rules of Netball.  We practiced chest passes.We have been doing lots of Mental Maths tests which we enjoy because they are a challenge.  We score a house point if we beat our score from last time.  This makes us motivated to improve our scores.Finally we have also enjoyed a tricky Science lesson where we learnt about solids and liquids and the differences between them.  We also learnt about the particle theory – ask us to explain it to you!Our certificate this week was for: Aaron for ‘asking brilliant Scientific questions to enable him to have a fantastic grasp of a very tricky concept’.  Aaron said: ”I felt very excited going to pick up my certificate.  The question that I asked was: if particles close together mean that you can see things, then why can’t you see air?  The answer is: because the particles in air are so far apart”.