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This week in Literacy we learnt about punctuation.  To learn it we put Kung Fu moves and sound effects to each piece of punctuation.  We bent low and swiped to make a hyphen and used our arms to punch for a full stop, ellipses, question mark, colon, exclamation mark and a semi colon.  Ask us to show you our moves!  We also learnt brackets, comma, capital letters, speech marks and apostrophes.  Here we are doing some of our favourite moves.In Maths we have learnt the column method and the expanded addition method for working out addition questions.  The column method was shorter than the expanded addition.  All of us prefer to use a different method to calculate an answer.This week in PE we continued our Netball unit.  We played lots of matches against each other, in our house teams.  The highest score was 5-0 which was Holst against Jenner.  More matches will be played next week, and we will let you know the final scores then. This week our certificate was awarded to Ruby for writing a brilliant story in Literacy, and then going to lots of extra effort to complete her book in her own time.  She said “I was very proud when Mr Weekes said my name”.