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In RE this week we have been thinking about the Christmas story. We wrote down what we  would feel like if we were Mary or Joseph and we coloured in a picture and stuck it on card. If you had finished you would make up your own prayer. When we finished we wrote our own Christmas story and we could  illustrate our story.For our Art homework this week we had to make our own moving picture, it had to be an animal.If you wanted to you could do some think different too.In PE today we were doing some partner balances.  They were called counter balances.  We actually found the balances quite easy to do.This week’s certificate was awarded to all of year 4, for the quality and effort that they put into their homework.  Miss Beebee said “that this class are fantastic at handing their homework in each week, and there are only usually a one or two children who forget.  The homework is always completed to a high standard and is nearly always all correct.  This week’s homework was completed at an exceptional standard by most children, and it was very clear that a lot of effort had gone into it!  Well done everybody!”