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This week in our Literacy lessons, we have been learning about Grandmother’s Song.  Today we wrote a character description, for one of the characters.  We had to include similes and metaphors (if we could) as well as brilliant wow words.In Maths we have  been practicing the chunking method of division.  Some people found it really difficult to start with, but now we find it much easier.  Today we have been looking at word problems.  Where we have had to apply our knowledge of division.  Some of the questions also had some multiplication in, to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten how to multiply.This week we had a special visitor come in, to teach us how to play handball.  For a warm up we played high 5 stuck in the mud.  We loved it!  Then we learnt some handball skills, by playing different games.  We really enjoyed it!Today we were using the Gymnastics apparatus.  We were all having a go at using the different pieces of apparatus.  Next week we are going to start making our own sequences, involving the apparatus.  At the end of today’s lesson Miss Beebee showed us how to do a forwards roll along the top of the box.  Next week, it’s our turn (if we want to of course)!This week’s certificate was awarded to Riley, for working really hard all week, particularly in Literacy, thinking of some fantastic wow words to use in his writing.  He said “I was really surprised when Mr Weekes called my name out”.Written by Lily and Riley!