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 This week we’ve been mostly focusing on the Titanic. We have been making and finishing our posters to persuade people to board the biggest ship of them all, we have been looking at a recount from a survivor from the Titanic  the 14th April 1912. In science Miss Szarko has challenged us to work groups and find how fast water can evaporate, we will leave this experiment over the half term. The data we get we’ll record in our books. On Wednesday we went on the stage to see what Mrs Bateman had done for our prayer reflection week, it was amazing. Some of our classmates said it was awesome! Also, on Wednesday w  did R.E. We are learning about the Jews and we had a traditional meal that the Jews have once a year to remember how life was in Egypt as slave sand each food represents it own thing. We got to try different foods. Everyone enjoyed the lamb and apple and honey we did this when half of the class was in the hall doing the prayer and reflection week. We had spilt the class in half by house groups they were: Jenner and Grace in the morning and Scott and Holst in the afternoon. Year 5 went swimming on Monday as we will do every Monday till Easter. The top group were learning how to tred water, we also had to yell, “Help!”  All the other groups were staring at us trying to work out what was happening.By Josie and Josh By Josh and Josie